Who are we?

Why did some of our members join Toastmasters?

Barbara B. - I joined Toastmasters because I wanted to become a proficient speaker so that I could improve my communication skills in my professional life. I also joined the club in order to improve my German language skills in a friendly supportive environment, and enjoy the social side of the club.

Matthias .L - I wanted to polish my speaking skills and to have a platform to improve my ability step by step. Toastmasters has not only given me that, but also an opportunity to become a better leader. I recommend it to all my friends!

Arno Z.- I first just wanted to improve my speaking skills. Later, I found the experience I gained in organizing and running meetings and in helping to run the club very valuable - both for my job and elsewhere.

Thomas S. - I read a lot about Toastmasters in a book about rhetoric and went to the Toastmasters in Frankfurt. They told me there that one of their members (Michael Glemser) is trying to start a new club in Darmstadt at the moment. I went there and I became the third member of the club. From that time on I have learned fantastically much, I went to competions and was the president from 2004 until 2005. Toastmasters is an amazing thing to get rid of one's fear of speaking and to become a professional speaker.

Oliver A.- I had good experience in speaking in one to one situations before. But I wanted to improve speaking to more people at the same time. With Toastmasters I have learnt to speak efficiently before an audience. Generally, a number of proficient experts would have something to say but are not skilled in speaking. And this can change.

Thomas K. - My employer has recommended Toastmasters. The concept has convinced me, because you learn speaking only through speaking. For this purpose you have plenty of opportunities at Toastmasters, both in prepared speeches and in impromptu speeches. Additionally you can practice moderating of meeting in a nice and friendly athmosphere. There is always helpful feedback of the auditors, entirely normal people like you and me. This is good because I finally want that my speech is received well by normal people. Also the price is unbeatable. The membership fee is very small and serves exclusively to cover the costs. Thus, all things considered: it is fun and it is worth it.


Jürgen K. - An additional advantage for me of being a member of Toastmasters Darmstadt is to be able to train my English speaking skills regularly in a trusting, safe environment.


Sandy F. - I missed the diversity I had experienced during my European Business Studies in Madrid when I came back to my small town in Germany. Acting in my very own interest, I joined Toastmasters with the intention to foster my speaking skills and to establish contacts with people of different backgrounds. Later on, I realized that Toastmasters offers a great chance not only to learn for yourself but to share knowledge and experience. So far for me, it is one of the most efficient ways of aligning one's self-interest with the interest of a community. In short: all the voluntary work you invest pays off.